Our mission is to serve, nurture and develop spiritual leaders within music ministry through research, the publication of resources and by facilitating clinics, workshops and conferences.

Let BCMMP serve your needs. We are trained educators, skilled spiritual leaders and experienced consultants who have individually been involved in music ministry for over 20+ years. Our services and most requested services include:

• Handling conflict/ resolution within the music ministry

• More efficient and effective organization structure

• Leadership development training

• Reflecting Biblical teachings within the music ministry mission, vision and goals

• Pastor/ Music Ministry Leader relationship building

• Practical Skills to bridge the generational gap within music ministry

• How to use the power of music to glorify, exalt and honor God

• The Biblical Principles of Music Ministry

Our consultants are available to serve you where you are.

Contact BCMMP to assist in assessing your present music ministry with a focus on areas of desired improvement; we will provide you with a Biblically-based, custom plan of action. We will help you implement and train all of your leaders so that you can replicate the process to achieve maximum potential. It is our goal to help serve, nurture and develop your music ministry leaders.

Contact BCMMP to lead a session at your upcoming music ministry retreat, workshop or next leadership development training.






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 Dr. Price is quoted in Faith and Leadership (the online magazine of Leadership Education at Duke University), Hip-hop Mosaic.

11.16.13 - Theological Reflection and Critical Dialogue on the Practice of Worship in the 21st Century

A Music Ministry Symposium

06.02-07.13 - 99th Annual Hampton Ministers' Conference & 79th Annual Choir Directors' & Organists' Guild Workshop


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